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Center for Artists in the Making 
CAM is an artist-run, interdisciplinary education project engaging young people in creative processes across and between mediums.


Taught by working artists who are also trained educators, we work in learner-centered and community-responsive ways to develop programmes that offer practical tools and conceptual frameworks for art-making, enabling the artist in every body with skills and inner resources to create their own meaningful work.

Our programs — drawing on contemporary methods from theater, dance, film/video, and visual art making — inspire and nurture the young creative, guiding them to tap into their innate well of creative intelligence, and build confidence in the journey of their life and work.

Who We Are

We are Working Artists
& Trained Educators

Recent Partners 


Jennie Liu

BFA NYU, Tisch Sch. of the Arts
MFA, Hollins University

Jennie is an interdisciplinary artist working in dance, filmmaking, and writing. Beginning her path working with the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation, and training at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, she has over 20 years of professional experience working on stages, screens, museums, and galleries throughout the United States and in Europe. 

A passionate educator, Jennie has taught and built programs in a wide range of places, including in New York’s Chinatown, Zimmer Children’s Museum, as a Visiting Artist at New York University and University of California Los Angeles. She champions young people to slow down and be curious, take brave risks, drawing on skills of performance, media making, and writing, to form new ways of making meaning in the world.


Hong Kong Academy 

Dalton School Hong Kong

Canadian International School Hong Kong
Pieter Performance Space



Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation

ARCH Education 

Portland Institute of Contemporary Art

San Francisco Cinematheque

New York International Film Festival




Da Vinci RISE High



Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Hammer Museum




University of California, Los Angeles

University of California, Riverside

New Heights Charter School

San Gabriel Valley School of the Arts



24th Street Theatre



Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Mistake Room

Getty Museum


Live Arts Festival Los Angeles



Zimmer Children’s Museum

Andrew Gilbert

BFA, California Inst. of the Arts
MA Teaching, University of Southern California 

Andrew is an actor, designer, musician, improviser, arts educator, and English teacher. His journey as an artist has taken him all over the world, and his work as an educator has positioned him as a leader in many diverse learning communities. 

Having worked with many schools and organizations to develop student-centered, boundary-pushing arts curriculum, Andrew went on to receive his Masters in Teaching from the University of Southern California with a certification for English Language instruction. He focuses on unique learner development, language support, and creating strong learning communities. With 15 years of teaching experience, Andrew continues to be an innovator in the classroom, helping his students  develop strong interpersonal social skills and a thirst for creative expression.

Our Practices

Inquire & 

Art making expands our understanding of what is possible, asking us to be adventurous and critical at the same time. We hypothesize, experiment, and are inspired to keep asking questions, rather than arrive at definitive conclusions.

Draw Connections

Through the themes and forms of their artwork, learners forge connections with their  academic learning, integrating their developing knowledge of language and humanities, science, mathematics, and technology. The work that emerges is responsive to our environment, deeply relatable, and useful.

Care and Express

Art making is a space for organizing our life experiences and emergent identities. Through the personal connection that ismade in the process of making, we practice vulnerability and take risks, the only way to build courage. We develop confidence in our bodies, trust our instincts, listen, play, and work together.

See Complexity

Art never ‘means’ just one thing - it holds multiple truths and perspectives. Art making feeds the global, multilingual learner with many interests and passions. To participate in art is to be an empathetic, engaged citizen of the world, who throughout a lifetime contributes to society in many ways.

Envision and Dream

Imagination is a powerful skill, which is sharpened by practice. We embolden the uniqueness of each learner’s imagination, providing the tools to build out their visions and dreams. Strength and clarity of imagination feeds truly critical thinking and our capacity for innovation grounded in our values and unique identities.

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